SRTweak is a subtitle editor that performs different operations on *.srt file type. To use it, download the latest version available from download section below, install it by double-clicking SRTweak.bat and follow the menu. After installation is over, just right-click on your *.srt file and click “SRTweak it!”, like in the picture below. When you do that, a new window will open with a list of options you can choose from.

Compatibility definition

  • Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)

  • removes romanian diacritics from subtitles (you can submit other languages in a comment)
  • shift subtitles with a number of seconds/miliseconds specified by user

Note: The new version (1.3) has several bugs fixed and is highly recommended. When you download the file don’t click “Open“, click “Save” and run from the local disk, as the internet browser (i.e. IE9) might restrict access to registry and cause improper installation. I’ll fix this in near future.

Technical details

The progam is mostly created in batch script language, but also uses some third-parties software:
  • graphics.exe and reply.exe are used to generate the colored text in the CMD wondow and respectively to capture pressed buttons, and are taken from alt.msdos.batch.nt google group; actually this is where I learned most of the batch scripting
  • hstart.exe is used to run the script elevated to comply with Windows UAC
  • SRTweak.bat is the main program
 All installation files are stored in C:/Program Files/SRTweak/ and to uninstall, you can use Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel or run C:/Program Files/SRTweak/SRTweak.bat and choose uninstall.

The program is fairly complex for batch scripting and it would have been a lot faster in another platform. It all started as a small 20 lines script used to remove diacritics from *.srt files, because it wouldn't show properly in the video player. Then I started to add new features and compatibility workarounds, and it grew significantly. The most resource waster is by far the colored interactive menu; you see, batch scripting was not intended for this. Maybe in future I'll transfer it on a better platform.