Microsoft Flight

"Microsoft Flight" is a flight simulator game and the successor of Flight Simulator X from Microsoft. The game is not much of a simulator and it's more like an arcade game where you have to find hidden items on the map and perform different maneuver tasks.

There are four types of tasks that you can do in the game:
Missions - the first few missions are tutorial like tasks where you are given tips on how to take off, land and perform different maneuvers; then as you advance it gets more difficult
Challenges - you are asked to achieve specific goals and depending on how well you do it, you earn experience and trophies
Aerocaches - are hidden items that you have to find on the map and you get rewarded for doing it
Jobs - every airport has a list of jobs that are available only during specific time intervals of the day; it usually consist of transporting a passenger or some goods from one place to another

The plane is best controlled with a joystick, but it can be controlled quite comfortable with the mouse too, making the game very accessible.
The game is free to play with no restriction, but the free content ends pretty fast and except repeating the missions and do some chaotic multiplayer free flight, there is nothing else you can do. To get more content you'll have to buy some DLC packs or buy new planes to get access to new jobs at the airports.
If you're not up to spend money in this game, you can earn Microsoft Points through Bing Rewards program to pay for the new content.

The game is fun to play for free but it will end quick.